Garnering Traffic Online – Why Use Twitter For Business?

If you own business, whether it is a new business or a business that has been around for a long time, you will know that marketing your business is very important if you want it to survive. There is no business in the world that can survive without some sort of marketing. In the older days there was word of mouth, and almost all business depended on their loyal customers and clients to tell the people they knew about a certain business.

New Method of Marketing:
This type of marketing was very effective and did the job for almost all of the businesses around. Then, a few years later, came newspapers, and people started using those as a marketing tool, and then came the radio and that become a marketing tool and then after that came the TV and that too became a marketing tool. After all of the changes in the marketing arena word of mouth fell away, and people were paying to get word of their business out to the general public, and other people stopped talking about great service they got at places.

Marketing Cost Effectively!
However, word of mouth marketing has made its way back on the scene, in a way. This has come about with a brand new marketing tool, and probably the biggest marketing tool that mankind has ever seen -the internet. There are many different types of ways to market your business on the internet. Yes, you do get the paid ways, and many people are using these ways to get their messages out, but word of mouth has made it back through social networking websites. Take Twitter as an example, it has not been around for a very long time, but it has helped many people market their company at no cost, and all they needed to do is sign up to get a profile.

Social Networking and Marketing:
With most social networking websites, like Facebook for example, you need to have people on your profile in order for them to see what you are doing. However, with twitter, if you made your profile public, anybody searching the network with a keyword that relates to your blog will be able to see what you are up to.

Marketing For Your Business:
This is why so many businesses have started using this method of advertising. Say you sell houses in the US and want people to visit your site. All you need to do is join Twitter, make your profile public and start tweeting with keywords you think people will type into the search function of the Twitter site, like House for Sale. Once people find your tweet, they find your site and you start getting more traffic at your official website because of the Twitter blogging network. The more people that find your blog, the more potential traffic you get.